"Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works"

– Steve Jobs

Beautiful Design Made Easy

The future of fashion

Its is all about customization – from the prints and colors we choose to wear, to indeed the size and shape that best suits us. “People want something different these days, they want something that stands out”

“see-now, print-now”


One of the largest areas in textile printing that has improved dramatically is the ability to produce just in time any length of fabrics. With no cylinder or screen make ready, and with the advent of sophisticated workflow automation tools,  produce any design rapidly – meeting the needs of designers and brands trying to meet the quick changeover in the fashion industry. Additionally, innovations in color matching and design are revving up the creative process, shrinking creation time from months down to weeks to even just mere days.

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“Your success is our mission...”

We Arunam Digital Prints believes that every engagement should begin and end with helping our customers achieve success. From the initial meeting, we work with our customers to gather meaningful insights into their needs and quantify the process of Digital Textile Printing. We’ll identify challenges, develop use cases, name the obstacles to adoption, and then map out a path to address each of these.


What We Print

higher quality, more unique designs at scale, greater variety of rich colors and more.


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Printed Fabrics

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The process of understanding & area experienced teams is the key factor behind our achievements our team includes extremely determined designers, creative graphic designers, professional technicians, device operators, industry experts who provide shape to client’s visualization.

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