Our sheer commitment to providing quality products is the reason we have a large base of satisfied customers. The use of advanced modern machines enables us to produce high-quality fabric with bright and popping colours that force our customers to come back to us for more.

With well-equipped high-tech infrastructure, ultra-modern technology, an all-in-house facility, and highly skilled personnel, we are pioneers in the digital printing industry.

With our in-house digital printing setup and Italian-imported printing system, our inkjet printing machines are designed for fine precision, so whatever your pattern may be, it’ll come out exactly the way it was in digital form with no distortion in colour mixing.

digital print

One of the things that modern technology made possible was getting custom designs printed. Demand for custom-made fabric has been on the rise more than ever, and so we decided to allow our customers to bring their creativity to their shelves. This step not only raised our customer base but also our own satisfaction.

Stenter Division

Special finishes are done on textile materials to enable them to be used for multiple purposes, such as water repellent, fire retardant, fragrance, antimicrobial, etc.

With our in-house digital printing setup, our Stenter is capable of doing all types of finishes.

Digital textile printing